Louie – August 2019

Louie found his home with Shannon E. and Ryan P.!

When we first read about Louie, we knew what a special guy he was right away.   When we first met Louie, we were told he was a party animal, and we could see that this boy had a zest for life!  During our time with him, we have learned so much about him, but also about ourselves.  We have seen this boy come out of his shell.  He has a love for anything that squeaks, and adores being cuddled.  Louie’s anxiety has gotten significantly better, but even on his rough (or ruff) days, we wouldn’t change anything for the world!  We thank NCBR for giving us our little love, and will never forget all the time and commitment that has been invested in him!

We have also started an Instagram for Louie because we think his lively personality should be shared with the world!  His Instagram is louie_ thelip for anyone who wants to follow along!