Sammi – July 2021

We transported this super cute and feisty little girl on May 9, 2020.  Don’t recall how it happened but we ended up hospice fostering her as she was diagnosed with ovarian and mammary tumors.  Sammi wasn’t expected to make it for more than a few months, but come December she was celebrating Christmas with us, making trips to the mountains and generally making herself at home.  Sammi didn’t do floors – she preferred beds, chairs and the sofas.  Sammi never met a cookie she didn’t like.  Sammi was spirited to say the least – willful, energetic, curious, pushy, and adorable beyond belief.  She had a face you just couldn’t get mad at…much.  Some how, some way, she managed to do the ‘Sammi Shimmy’ right into our hearts.  We loved her and cared for her the best we could, and now we miss her terribly.  Feel good now, Sammi, Duchess of Bark, be free.