Zelda – March, 2012

Zelda had an amazing gift for deeply touching the heart of everyone that came in contact with her. She came into NCBR’s care a very sick girl with a dislocated hip, scabies mange, multiple internal parasites, infections and other unknown ailments. But every person that came in contact with her was touched by her sweetness.

After multiple tests it was decided that her best chance was to get her into foster care for the kind of rest and care that can’t be provided in an intensive veterinary hospital. She initially rallied with this kind of care as some of her more minor ailments healed and her spirit emerged full force. Despite her illness she demanded to be part of the family. She loved to cuddle up on the couch with her head on your lap.

Over time it became clear that Zelda’s health problems were greater than we knew as her kidneys were failing. Finally we made the difficult decision to help her pass “over the bridge”. I took the afternoon off and we spent some time out in the garden with her enjoying the sun and then she got to have at least one nap on a human bed in her life, with me and our four. She curled up under my arm and slept soundly. Before leaving we took one more walk around the property. Despite a rapidly failing body she remained full of spirit to the end and did her best to keep up with our gang on her wobbly legs, as they romped around the property… and her tail always waged…