Toby – July 2021

Our wonderful lovable loving friend Toby (fna Bourbon) went to the Rainbow Bridge in early July right after suddenly becoming quite ill and being diagnosed with a serious condition known as a lung lobe torsion (twisted lung).

We adopted Toby as a puppy from NCBR and had 9 1/2 wonderful years with him. We miss him so much but find comfort remembering all the fabulous adventures he had traveling with us in our RV, all the snuggling he did with us (yes, at 90+ pounds, he was still a lap dog!), all the play time he had with his dog buddies (resulting in 2 torn ACL’s and 2 very successful TPLO surgeries), and all the interactions with people whose lives he touched and who dearly loved him. His exuberant greetings were legendary and will be missed by all.

Our travels with him took him from Alaska to Mexico (twice for each!), several trips through Canada, and every state from the west coast to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Toby was the most sociable dog we have ever known and he loved every dog and person he met along the way. He was absolutely the best dog to fit our lifestyle and the love of our lives. He was happy and healthy up to the end and the most loving friend we could have ever imagined. Thank you to all of the NCBR staff for helping to bring Toby into our lives. We know that right now he is happily romping and chasing squirrels on the Rainbow Bridge with his best friend Sammie.