Roscoe – August 2019

Roscoe found his home with Tina and Raj S.

Our lives changed the day we brought Roscoe home.  He’s brought endless fun and energy into the house showing off his boxer wiggle every day.  He made himself at home quickly and fell into the family routine without a hiccup. He loves his daily walks and jumps around like Tigger whenever he sees me putting on my red walking shoes.  He’s a smart pup, it didn’t take him long to figure out the connection.  He’s also very polite and patient and can sit quietly waiting for us when it’s time to get up or when we have chores to do.  He enjoys basking in the sun every afternoon before Dad gets home for some fun in the backyard.  He’s easing into his surroundings like the local park and took his first trip to a winery this week. We hope that soon he’ll be joining us at all our dog-friendly social events. We’re so lucky he picked us thank you NCBR for making it possible for this guy to find his forever home at our house.