Lefty – October 2021

Lefty was a handsome boy. Lefty was a goofy boy. Lefty was a stubborn boy. Lefty was a scared and confused boy. But most of all Lefty was a good boy. Like many dogs who come into rescue, scared, scarred, skinny, and afraid of everything, Lefty had so much to overcome. And then he had a lot to learn. I believe this boy tried his absolute hardest to be a good boy in an environment he had never known. I hope he enjoyed his stay with us. We will miss his big joker mouth, his pirate eye patch and giving him new names: Pillsbury. Michelin. Staypuff. Powder. Nimbus. Phantom. Cotton. Frosty. Etc etc. He was soooo much fun to name over and over. But most of all we will remember him as Lefty the good boy.