Bentley – June 2019

Bentley found his forever home with his foster mom, Rebecca!

What can I say about Bentley other than that he is utterly delightful?  I love his happy personality, his beautiful, lopsided smile and his adorably crooked nose.  He is always in good spirits and makes me laugh every day.  He loves to ride out to a park in his stroller and then get out to frolic around the grass until he’s ready to go get back into his stroller and ride home.  He enjoys going to physical therapy each week; he makes a bee-line for the water treadmill tank and is ready to go!  Bentley tells me every day how much he loves me, so I make sure I tell him I love him just as much back!  He’s lazy, snuggly, and an excellent (if eccentric) dancer.  He also looks very cute in his “dancing shoes.”  He’s an expert at sitting on laps too small to accommodate him, and he is a prolific kisser.  He fills my heart with love for him.  As a foster, Bentley was a devoted and patient companion to Daisy during her long battle against brain cancer.  I think Daisy would be pleased to know that her friend is now officially her brother.  I couldn’t be prouder to be calling him my little boy forever.