Clyde – fna Spy – March 2021

Clyde (fna Spy) came to us as a foster in January 2016 and greeted my husband like a long lost friend when I brought him home. According to his owner surrender forms, we were the third home he’d had in six short years. He was startled by loud noises, couldn’t be without his people and was afraid of typical household items – like opening the cabinet doors. He came to love the opening of doors – especially the refrigerator – because our forever optimistic boy always thought he’d get a treat (um, not sure why he thought that!). He also quickly became part of the pack with Sugar and Dude and followed them both everywhere. Although he was larger than both of them, he was the typical little brother afraid of being left out. He put up with his big brother’s shenanigans, stole his sister’s toys and would not so stealthily take your seat if you got off the couch. His short little nub wiggled like crazy when he saw any of us and he did the most joyful wiggle dance with leaps and play bows when it was time to walk. Clyde was very nimble for a big guy. He had the biggest feet, the stinkiest farts, the longest tongue and the very best slobbery kisses, with which he was quite generous. In August 2016 we sealed the deal and adopted our Big Boy. We were so lucky to have this gentle soul in our lives.

After noticing a limp and a growing lump on his shoulder, he was diagnosed with multiple cancers and internal bleeding, and the doctors let us know there was nothing that could be done except keep him comfortable. We made the most our last days together by snuggling, playing, spoiling and loving on him big time. We are heartbroken, yet so grateful that NCBR brought Clyde into our lives.

Run free, Clyde-o and find your sister Sugar. She’ll know where all the peanut butter is.